1.40 PM       03 - 27th Aug 2017       Underbelly Cowgate       BOOK TICKETS
LAB RATS make their Edinburgh debut with the world premiere of a hilariously touching one-man show written by Sascha Moore and performed by David William Bryan.

Trashed transforms the Underbelly into a rancid Yorkshire fly-tipping site for a whirlwind account from Keith 'Goody' Goodman - a mid-thirties bin man struggling to deal with the death of his daughter whilst battling his uncontrollable thirst for booze.

Unapologetically working class, funny and dark, Trashed is a highly physical, powerhouse of a play that will leave you breathless.
Special thanks are owed to the following generous contributors to our crowdfunding campaign without whom this project would not have been possible:

Alex Bates, Alex Purcell, Amy Scourfield, Amy Wright, Andrea Exley, Andrew Lobb, Annalise, Barbara D'Alterio, Ben Deering, Ben Jacques, Ben McComb, Ben Sharich, Bob Moore, Brydell Partners, Calum Hulme, Carly Lindon-Forrester, Catherine Mohan, Charlotte Whiteford, Chris Christou, Claire Cartwright, Claire Randall, Daniel Hills, David and Maureen Wright, David Rigby, David Scourfield, Dubose Cole, Elaine Moore, Ellie Dickens, Fraser Macleod, Grant McRoberts, Holly Wren, James Neilson, James Nunn, Janet and Steve Rix, Jason Dealey, Jayne Bostock, Jeff Epstein, Jennie May, Jill Woodward, Joe Dawtry, Joseph Bryan, Katie Wright, Katy Taylor, Liz Bacon, Lizzie Southwell, Lloyd Allison-Young, Lucinda Courtenay, Maddie Sykes, Margaret Price, Marika Judd, Mark Cassidy, Martin Wright, Mat Abramsky, Matt Dennis, Matthew Wright, Maureen Gorman, Megan Roberts, Konstantin Melikhov, Michael Brain, Michael Chester, Michele Hallett, Natalie Hall, Olivia, Paco and Cathy Bruna, Paul Bryan, Paul Bryan, Paul Staddon, Paul White, Paul Young, Richard Jackson's Garden, Robert Bell, Ronnie Banerjee, Sally Pickin, Salvador Faber, Sanjay and April Sethi, Stefania and Alex Pyrathon, Stephen Bryan, Stephen Westgate, Tarryn van Rooyen, Tendayi Chivero, Tinks Lovelace, Tom Carmody, Tom Cawte, Tommo Fowler, Victoria Bell, Victoria Ketelle and Yszi Hawkings.